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FilmShift, New Socially Conscious Indie Film Festival

FilmShift, New Socially Conscious Indie Film Festival

Cambridge, Mass. – The Filmshift Festival is coming this October 3rd, 7th, 9th and 10th to the Coolidge Corner Theater, Somerville Theater, and the Performing Arts Connection (Sudbury.) Filmshift is an independent film festival designed not only to entertain audiences, but to spark dialogue about green/sustainable issues as well as the essential role small businesses and local entrepreneurs play in strengthening our nation’s spirit and economy.

Filmshift is named after “The 10% Shift”, a campaign started by a group of local New England entrepreneurs and citizens to encourage consumers to shift 10% of their everyday spending to local business as a way to create new jobs for local communities and to stimulate economic growth. (www.10percentshift.org)

“I am convinced that local small businesses will save our country both from this current economic downturn and from losing our diverse national identity,” said Filmshift director and founder Jeremy Jed Hammel. “Since film crews began popping up more frequently in the Commonwealth, so did discussions about the economic impact movies would bring to bear, locally. The fact is, when it comes to the towns we work and live in, there is no more meaningful impact than the filmmaker who hires locally and hires small. So, we’ve designed FilmShift to highlight those who best exemplify this practice.”

Filmshift will showcase over 20 total films including features and shorts from categories as diverse as: drama, comedy, horror, animated, documentary, and environmental/local issues. Of Filmshift’s just announced first six films there is SPLIT ESTATE, an eye-opening documentary about the effects on local communities of natural gas drilling by large corporations in our Western states. And, SPEAKING IN CODE a locally-made documentary about a married couple’s mission to create a techno music scene to Boston. For a complete listing of the first films chosen, please visit www.filmshift.org.

In keeping with its theme, Filmshift has partnered with several local businesses for sponsorship of the festival and prizes for participating filmmakers. These companies are: Powderhouse Productions (Somerville), The Longfellow Clubs (Wayland,) Cambridge Naturals (Cambridge), Harmonix’s Beatles Rock Band, (Cambridge) Final Draft, Inktip, Script Magazine, Jungle Software budgeting, Script Pipeline, ProductionHub, Atomic Production Supplies, Bunch/Casseday, and Wooden Nickel Lighting.

Filmshift will donate 20 percent of gross ticket sales to two local non-profit organizations: Christopher’s Haven, a charity that provides low-cost housing to families of children receiving cancer treatment in Boston, and MetroWest Family Theater, an inclusive community theater group committed to casting roles regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or the presence of a disability.

About Filmshift’s Founder
Jeremy Jed Hammel is a multiple award-winning filmmaker, (including Best Comic-Related Film from Comic Con 2010 for THE LEGACY) and has produced projects for The American Film Institute, NBC’s national network show, “Later”, and 2006 Sansevierian Film Festival Best Feature winner, FISHES.

Hammel won a Golden Kahuna Award for Excellence in Filmmaking from the 2008 Honolulu Film Festival for his directing/producing/editing work on the music video for THE NIGHT DIVINE by international techno-music songstress, Lo-Fi Sugar.

A number of Hammel’s screenplays have won awards in screenplay competitions across the country, including the 2008 Woods Hole Film Festival and the 15th Annual Fade In magazine/Writer’s Network competition. One of his screenplays even made to the Top 15% (out of 5500) screenplays for The Academy’s 2008 Nicholl Fellowship.

Hammel has worked in every area of film/TV production, in nearly every capacity. His crew credits include the critically acclaimed hit series, “ER” the Student Academy Award-winning film INTERMEZZO Project: Greenlight script finalist, THE ACHIEVERS and the Sundance darling, NEXT STOP WONDERLAND, which was filmed in Boston.

Hammel’s latest producing project, THE LEGACY was accepted into the 2010 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and won Best Comic-Related Film at Comic Con 2010. Directed by Mike Doto, has a teaser trailer online at: http://www.seasidepictures.com/thelegacy . Doto’s previous film, the award-winning, PEACE is available on iTunes and stars Kurtwood Smith from “Worst Week” and “That 70’s Show”.

FilmShift has given Hammel the opportunity to bring together his love of film with his desire to make the world a better place.


Nic LaRue Nic LaRue is the owner of FilmSnobbery, is an advocate and passionate speaker for indie film, a film reviewer, and the host of the web broadcast series FilmSnobbery Live! Nic also offers his services as an independent film consultant whose passion is giving a voice to independent content creators.



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