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EYE FOR A TOOTH is a short subject film about a man dealing with the demons of his past after confronting and killing a rapist thus saving a young lady. It is directed and written by James Haruo Forbes and stars Brian Shelburne as the hero (in the eyes of the woman he saves) Colin MacIntyre. The young woman he rescues, Jordan, is played by Celia de Blas.

From the opening helicopter shots that swoop over the city I immediately fell in love with the cinematography. The style this movie is shot has the feel of an artsy indie flick, but was done with an obvious keen eye for what the audience wants to see. The scenes shot outdoors are bright, colorful, and vivid. The interiors have their own ambiance and the only fault that can be found are the occasional digital artifact-ing that can be seen from the camera that was used. The editing was a little loose on some parts, and tight on others. But where it was done great looks very slick and professional. Overall the movie itself has that Hollywood feel, but with the indie influence running underneath it. The lighting overall is well done and the sound mix on the screener I watched was acceptable. The score was a little monotonous, but since this was a short movie, it didn’t affect me in any sort of permanently negative way.

The story was very compelling. The hero fighting his inner feelings about killing a man, even one who deserved it makes for a very rich character. The opening suffered from slow pacing at times, especially in the opening scene where Colin is being interviewed by his court appointed lawyer. The camera holds a little too long and the dialogue somewhat repeats itself unnecessarily. The dialogue otherwise is very well done, and the end of the story made me want it to continue and follow the rest of the journey of the two main characters. The director obviously has a great story that he has conceived, and I only hope that we get to see a longer cut of this film in the future.

For more info on this movie check out their website at: http://www.eyeforatoothmovie.com




FILM SYNOPSIS - A man commits a heinous crime for love. Facing charges of manslaughter, he argues against his lawyer's plan to justify his horrible crime.

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