Home Movie News Exclusive Q&A with Keegan Michael Key – CNET Magazine Summer 2018

Exclusive Q&A with Keegan Michael Key – CNET Magazine Summer 2018

Exclusive Q&A with Keegan Michael Key – CNET Magazine Summer 2018

Keegan Michael Key, best known for his hilarious sketches on Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele,” takes us into his fascination for Science Fiction and Action in films. We get a sneak peak on what to expect to see in one of his next projects, “The Predator”, and why he was interested in being part of the reimagining of the film.

“Sci-fi , I love sci-fi — I couldn’t pass it up…The first “Predator” was one of my first what I would call “Game of Throne” experiences, where anybody could die at any time..”

Key and Guglielmo also talked about:


His love for the original “Predator”. “It’s one of [Arnold Schwarzenegger] better performances in his entire oeuvre, if you will, because he chose a vulnerability you’re not used to seeing.”


What we can expect in the reimagining of “the Predator. “There’s quite a lot of humor. The beginning of the movie is like you’re watching six stooges. And it was really a riot, I mean an absolute riot to do.”

Where he wishes to see the future of VR go. “What I would love to see is the next step in our VR experiences… If I was going to go to a hockey game, I’d want to sit right in front of the glass. But I just want to have the experience that the spectators have, so if they’re beating on the glass going “Get them!”

To read this entire Q&A, head on over to our friends over at CNET at the link below:



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