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Down In Front – Sunset Drive In

Down In Front – Sunset Drive In

In southwest Missouri, you will find the area’s favorite drive in theater, the Sunset Drive In located in Aurora. April 1951 marked the beginning of the theater’s history after being built and operated by Ralph Hough Sr. and family. In 1966, Jesse, Cecil and Clyde Ruble bought the Sunset Drive In. Current owner, David Marks, began working there when he was a high school senior in 1965 and by 1977 he was able to buy the theater from the Rubles. The Sunset Drive In originally had a capacity for 200 cars and a giant wooden screen.

After the old wooden screen suffered a fire, the Sunset received a major overhaul to prepare for the 1980 season. A new steel screen replaced the burnt wooden screen and the drive in became completely automated. The theater grounds were expanded to fit a capacity of 325 cars. After lightning struck the sound system in 2001, the Sunset was enhanced by adding Digital Stereo FM. In 2010, WiFi joined the list of upgrades the drive in has received.

Sunset Drive In is open seasonally from April through September. For a great low price of just $6.50, you and your family can enjoy a double feature under the stars in the open air. Don’t forget to stop by the snack bar for a Sunset chili burger or Sunset nacho pie…or maybe even a T-shirt!

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