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Down In Front – Showboat Drive In

The best indicator of how much of a success drive in theaters are still today is the fact that there are actually brand new drive ins being built during this millenium. For example, The Showboat Drive In located just outside of Houston in Hockley, Texas was opened in March of 2006. Just as most drive in theaters, it is family owned and operated and owners Johnny and Chris Rumfolo take pride in providing family entertainment for their drive in patrons.

It seems as though the drive in was destined to be named Showboat. Grandfather Walter Rumfolo owned the Showboat Drive In restaurant during the 50s and parents Wanda and Lloyd Olinger both worked at the Bay City, Texas Showboat Drive in as teenagers. So when the time came to name the theater, picking Showboat just seemed perfect.

On opening day, people actually had to be turned away and business has been consistent since. So much so that a second screen was added in 2007. There is now a capacity for 800 cars with FM radio audio. Admission for your double feature is $5 for adults and $4 for children. The snack bar has plenty of goodies such as giant pickles, cheeseburgers, popcorn and cotton candy for your sweet tooth that are available for a bargain price. The Showboat Drive In is open every day in May through August and on the weekends year round. Plenty of folks can’t wait to visit the Showboat for an entertaining evening so make sure you get there before the cars start lining up around the block!

The Showboat was featured on a CBS news morning show in 2006. You can view the video by clicking right here! You can also read more articles on the Showboat drive in here and here.

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