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Down In Front – Park Place Drive In

Virginia is a very scenic state with many different types of geography to see. If you would like to take a dip in the rolling waves of the Atlantic ocean, there are plenty of beaches. If you like the bustling atmosphere of the city, take your pick of the many cities you will find there. My most favorite part of Virginia is the mountains and the camping available right by historic areas like the Natural Bridge. How do I know so much about Virginia? I was born and lived almost my entire life there so I’m a bit biased in my love for the state. After all, Virginia IS for lovers.

Way up in the mountains out toward Blacksburg and Wytheville, Marion is home to Park Place Drive In. It was built on the very same spot of an older drive in theater, Park Drive In, that was in business from 1954 until 1983. Although it is not a resurrection of that theater, Park Place Drive In has certainly been a welcome asset to the community.

The Park Place Drive In is not just a movie theater. Current owner, Jerry Harmon, opened the theater in May of 2000 with fresh new ideas full of energy. Park Place Drive In is a complete entertainment complex. There are batting cages featuring fast and slow pitch softball and three speeds of baseball. In 2006, a brand new miniature golf course was built.There is an arcade with an assortment of games, pool tables, and air hockey. Possibly the best addition is the ice cream shop that has extreme sundaes, banana splits, and smoothies made from Hershey’s 32 best flavors of ice cream.

Park Place Drive In is open seasonally from April through October. Admission for your double feature is only $6 for adults, $2 for children 5 – 11, and kids 5 and under are free. You can grab some snacks from the concession stand inside the arcade and then enjoy your movie with a mountain view!

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