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Down In Front – Blue Sky Drive In

Down In Front – Blue Sky Drive In

Dale Morrison set about building and opening the Blue Sky Drive In theater located in Wadsworth, Ohio in 1947. He ran the theater with the original wooden screen for about five years until it was sold to Selected Theatres and later in 1980 to Gary Greive, who also happens to own and operate the Magic City Drive In over by Akron as well. The twinkling stars strung street-side drew people to the Blue Sky and on a nice, quiet evening you could hear the movies almost all the way to Doylestown thanks to the large speakers on the side of the screen. For more history on the Blue Sky Drive In, click to see this video right here.

As with quite a few other drive in movie theaters, the Blue Sky Drive In holds a swap shop/flea market/whatever your region calls it every Sunday (weather permitting) from 6am until 1pm. Seller’s fee is $8.50 (speaker pole to speaker pole) and the buyer’s fee is $.75. I have found some pretty funky fun stuff at a few flea markets myself so get there early to find your bargain!

The Blue Sky is open seasonally April through September. Admission is $16 per car, line starts about an hour before dusk, and your double feature begins a little after nightfall. Don’t forget to stop by the concession stand for a foot-long hot dog or funnel cake!

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