Death of an Umbrella Salesman

Director Steve Herold knows how to use his downtime wisely. While on location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana shooting a TV show, he used his weekends to shoot DEATH OF AN UMBRELLA SALESMAN, the story of a door-to-door umbrella salesman besieged by his ex-wife and lives an analog life in a fast-paced world where everybody gets their umbrellas ordered online and delivered quickly.

Lacking self-confidence after experiencing what seems like a lifetime of rejection, our salesman Stanley Grimp is at the end of his rope. It’s not until a chance rainstorm finally scores him a sale from a passerby, giving us a modicum of a happy ending.

Presented in black and white, this film feels like a combination of an olde-timey Chaplin or Keaton movie, while still being rooted in some of today’s problems. The use of (intentional or not) an Amazon-like delivery service putting our hero almost out of business is a very modern and existential problem that many business owners are faced with.

The performances are fun. Each character interaction Stanley has feels unique and a special shout out goes to (of course) Kevin Kolack (BLUE RUIN) as Stanley and Sabrina Gennarino (The Walking Dead) as Betsy May Morgan, a victim of our hapless hero’s nerve-induced incompetence.

The score keeps with the tone of the rest of the film, and gives it a fun and flighty feeling. For a short film, it does run a little long at 17 minutes, but the pacing is fast enough that it feels closer to ten.

DEATH OF AN UMBRELLA SALESMAN has already done well on the festival circuit, and with good reason. It’s a flight of fancy that’s worth the time and effort to seek out.

Death of an Umbrella Salesman
Death of an Umbrella Salesman | March 24, 2018 (United States) Summary: Stanley Grimp, a door-to-door umbrella salesman, attempts to make a sale, avoid his alimony-hungry Ex and reconcile how his life turned out this way.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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