Days Of Daisy

With a ticking biological clock annd society in general nagging her, hopeless romantic Daisy struggles with thoughts of having children and settling down. When she meets her ideal person in Jack, an artistic man set on not having children, they immediately click.

Along the way they both befriend bullied children around the school where Daisy is the librarian and pull together a surrogate family of their own, teaching them photography and other artistic skills after their former art teacher quits unexpectedly.

This film deals with a theme that a lot of women are forced to consider, whether or not having children is right for them just because society says they should settle down. It also deals with aging, and how people in their 30’s are forced to consider so-called “adult” things (children, marriage, etc.) that might not be the main focus of their life at that time. DAYS OF DAISY handles all of these themes with realism and maturity, while still managing to be amusing and entertaining.

Finally, the movie presents a comedic look at the modern female experience and provides interesting insight into the mind of what could be anyone of a certain age.

Regarding acting, the leads are completely solid, but some of the ancillary character acting is a bit forced and uneven.

The music is great with a fun soundtrack by Walker Lukens. Overall, the sound design is well done and professionally produced.

The technical elements of the film (cinematography, color timing, editing, etc.) are accomplished competently and elevate the movie to the type of top-tier indie fare that would typically do well streaming and headlining prominent film festivals.

If this movie is playing at a fest near you, you’d do well to seek it out and make time in your schedule to watch it.

Days Of Daisy

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