CURIOSITY is directed by James Sunshine and written by Tasha Hardy. Intended as a proof-of-concept piece but a complete story that works as a short just as well, CURIOSITY follows the exploits of Bob Cooke, a bored mailman who fills his days fantasizing about the girl across the street. Bob’s friend Dustin acts as the voice of reason in this situational comedy.

The piece is shot more like a film than a TV or web series, which is an unusual choice for something meant to be a proof-of-concept, but it does allow the characters to emote more effectively and show more range than your standard network sitcom or web series.

The characters are endearing, and the plot has an interesting arc to it that quickly resolves within the thirteen(ish)-minute short.

The cinematography is dynamic, with the lighting, overall tone, and music fun and light. The script is tight and the jokes land even if sometimes you need to suspend a little disbelief to play along with the characters.

Overall, it would be interesting to see what this could evolve into past the concept stage it’s at currently.

Curiosity | July 25, 2022 (United States) Summary: A bored mailman, who has a not-so-secret double life of spying, hatches a plan to save his dream girl.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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