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Psycho Pompous – THE CONJURING: What it Means for the Horror Genre

James Wan has been a director that has had his name etched into the minds of horror cinephiles for the previous decade with the first (and best) installment in the SAW franchise. Though SAW proved to be a strong and diversive experiment in psychological torture and cinematic focus, Wan’s succeeding work did not reflect the […]

Psycho Pompous – SPAWN: The Horror of Animation

One of the most difficult genres to tackle in film and television is horror. However, this detail is compounded when presented in an animated fashion, whether by film or series. In America, the horror animation subgenre has never been overtly a loud call to audiences for its effectiveness or appeal, whereas the horror market in […]

Psycho Pompous – HANNIBAL – Reawakening the Public’s Psychopathic Appetite

One of the more interesting and comparatively difficult series of books to adapt remains Thomas Harris’s HANNIBAL series. Now the film adaptation of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was and remains a remarkable masterpiece and a personal close-held favorite. However, by the time of Brett Ratner’s RED DRAGON, the Hopkins incarnation (which still remains one of the […]

Psycho Pompous – LORDS OF SALEM: What Did I Just Watch?

It has become apparent that horror films, independent or not, have had a general stigma in the last several years as being a genre that can only boast retreaded themes and overused clichés. Though this perspective is not accurate, there are many out there still propagating the stereotype. This point brings us to a individual […]

Psycho Pompous – MANIAC: The Modern Rebirth of the Slasher Film

One of the most highly anticipated indie film releases of the last few years has been the modern remake of William Lustig’s controversial 1980 MANIAC… for me. Though personally the original film sporting distinguished character actor Joe Spinell (who also co-wrote the screenplay) and is seen to by special effects master Tom Savini is a […]

Psycho Pompous – ANTIVIRAL: New Independence for the Cronenberg Method

One of the havens for quality indie horror seems to usher in from our neighbor to the north. It can be said that great industry giants like James Cameron have come from Canada, the indie horror scene seems to never be lacking Cronenberg. And it isn’t the pioneering master of uncomfortable and viscerally grotesque horror […]

Psycho Pompous – ATTACK ON TITAN – The Newest in Animated Japanese Horror

Ideally, the topic of anime would be on the minds of many people in the United States market, and to a wide degree it is. However, when it comes to the idols of the horror subgenre, one of the scarcest fields of contemporary indie entertainment comes from animation. Though American audiences will be blessed by […]

Psycho Pompous – Evil Dead: Then and Now

THE EVIL DEAD franchise is one of the most popular, influential and beloved series of horror films in existence. During the early transition into what can be considered the modern horror film, there were three films that altered film language when approaching American horror that all came in relative short succession to each other. The […]

Psycho Pompous – What is Indie Horror?

One of the primary discussions that should be occurring in the independent horror scene is the definition of what exactly is independent horror. Throughout the evolution of the genre in the past hundred years, “independent” usually refers to films produced outside of the major studio system, distinguishable by their content and style. However, this isn’t […]