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Interview with LazRael Lison

HALLOWEED director LazRael Lison sits down with FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue to talk about his new stoner-comedy/horror flick. LazRael chats about all different parts of the production and post-production process, his horror movie influences, and how those movies helped him with the style of HALLOWEED. Learn more about the film on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3635788/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Follow […]

Interview with Robert Craighead

Superb character actor Robert Craighead joins FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue to talk about his role in the upcoming DVD release of HALLOWEED. He discusses getting into the business, the secret of acting longevity, and his love of music. Learn more about the film on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3635788/?… Follow HALLOWEED on Twitter https://twitter.com/MOVIEHalloweed Like the HALLOWEED Facebook […]

Interview With Mark Metcalf

Recently we had the fortunate opportunity to contact Mark Metcalf (The Master from Joss Whedon’s “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”). He was nice enough to allow us to ask him a few questions regarding his current and future projects, as well as reminisce about some of his time working on “Buffy”, with a little personal insight […]

Oxford Film Festival 2019 Interview with Wally Chung

Filmmaker/Animator Wally Chung chat with FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue about his one minute short film FUN MORE. He talks about packing an entire narrative into such a small space of time, his creative process, and his experiences on the festival circuit. FUN MORE Synopsis – A vignette about one’s task that overlap with another’s task; there […]

Dances With Films 2016 Interview with Mark Marchillo, William Leon, Maria Pallas, and Micah Brandt

FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue interviews BREAKING LEGS actor William Leon and actrress/producer Maria Pallas about their roles, and also speaks with triple-threat writer/director/producer Mark Marchillo and producer Micah E. Brandt about why this story needed to be shot on film. Find BREAKING LEGS on IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4147596/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt Visit their official site at http://www.breakinglegsthemovie.com/ Like their Facebook […]

Interview with Michelle Mueller

HALLOWEED actress Michelle Mueller sits down with FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue to talk about her role in this new stoner-comedy/horror flick. Michelle talks about getting into the industry, working with industry pros like Ray Wise and Danny Trejo, and her love of horror movies from a young age. Learn more about the film on IMDB […]

Orlando Film Festival 2010 Interview With Barry Tacktill

Educator and Orlando Film Festival board member Barry Tacktill takes a moment from entertaining guests at the fest to chat with FilmSnobbery Live! host Nic LaRue about what goes into making OFF a great place to be for filmmakers and patrons alike! (90)

Interview with Scriptapalooza’s Mark Andrushko

How has the screenwriting contest landscape changed over the last 20 years? It has changed dramatically. When we started in 1998, there were a few competitions that mattered and about 50 that didn’t. Now, they are still a few that matter and hundreds that don’t. I feel it’s difficult for new writers to navigate through […]

Oxford Film Festival 2019 Interview with Nicholas Laviola

FilmSnobbery’s Nic LaRue and Director Nicholas Laviola chat about snake-handling preachers, Nicholas’s new film HOLY GHOST FIRE THE ECSTASY OF RANDY WOLFORD, and the almost supernatural draw that he had to make this movie. Nicholas also extols the virtues of being at the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, MS because of his fondness for author […]

Interview With Lauren Schacher and Emily Best

FilmSnobbery host Nic LaRue sits down with Seed&Spark founder and CEO Emily Best and sex-positive actress and director Lauren Schacher to talk not-so-awkwardly about their campaign to bring a second season of their series F*CK YES to people all around the world that are in need of some serious education about consent, communicating with their […]

Oxford Film Festival 2019 Interview with Cheryl Allison

FilmSnobbery founder Nic LaRue sits down at the 2019 Oxford Film Festival with actress/director Cheryl Allison to talk about her new short film HIDING IN DAYLIGHT. They chat about how the film relates to current global events, casting chemistry and making sure that LGBT actors were included to support the visibility of LGBT characters on […]