Short Films


BEYOND is a fun short film directed by Jeremy Haccoun about a family trip gone awry when a rockslide traps a family of three inside their car out in the desert.  It’s a simple enough set up for this roughly 10 minute ride.  Haccoun does a great job of taking a simple concept and executing it […]
Body of Work

She Gone Rogue

Engaging a world of dream-like magical realism, SHE GONE ROGUE references Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon, utilizing a space where singular selves multiply and expand, offering windows into parallel dimensions, with time and space collapsing into a whirlpool of divergent possibilities. When Drucker finally finds the white rabbit, the process of identity construction completes a full circle, offering more questions than answers.
Born this Way

Bridget and Iain

Written by Norelle Scott, who also wrote the play this short film is adapted from, BRIDGET AND IAIN is a heartbreakingly relatable film about the struggle of a mother trying to keep her relationship alive with her son in the face of his ongoing drug addiction.  Bridget (played with wrenching emotion by Vivienne Powell), is a soft-hearted […]
A Short Film About Letting Go Poster


Hoping to make amends with his girlfriend and turn his life around, Jake suddenly finds himself in a dangerous situation. Frank, an aging bail-bondsman, comes to Jake's rescue and invites him to relax on his boat as they await help. What ensues is a complicated mix of secrets and lies that threaten to destroy the life of one man and the soul of another. Buoyancy is a thriller, riding the treacherous and unforgiving seas of the ocean of revenge. I hope you know how to swim.
On The Bridge Poster

Mother’s Day

Nico Raineau‘s new short film MOTHER’S DAY (available to watch in its entirety above), is co-written by and stars Lauren Schacher as Mara, a club-stamped, chain smoking young lady who wakes up in a stranger’s bed after a one-night stand to find that she agreed to watch the man’s six year old son Brandon for […]
The Waterhole Poster

Snow Bunny

"Snow Bunny" is a triptych of scenes spanning a day in the life of an American family. Dean and Abigail are having a "grown-up party." Abigail asks Dean to take their daughters, Mandy and Delilah, out for an afternoon drive so she can get ready. While out, Dean makes some decisions that will effect his daughters for a long time to come. Upon his return, Abigail tries to connect with Dean to get him in the partying mood. Thwarted by both Delilah's quest for attention and Dean's hostility, Abigail loses her cool and fights with Dean. Later that night, after the guests have left, Dean and Abigail stay up drinking cocktails and talking. Abigail continues her attempts to connect with Dean by bringing up the past. The push and pull of their interactions leads to an awkward expression of passion born out of an unhappy mixture of obligation and devotion.

Body Of Work

Eccentric artist Jack Vogler struggles to bring life into his paintings. His technique involves brutality towards his subjects - young girls responding to his classified ad. Body of Work takes place ten years later when a husband and wife move into their dream home only to find that it has a dark history. It's the same house where Vogler ran his studio.
Felly Title Card

Time Travel Romance

Veteran actor Ben Giroux stars as Ben in a short comedy about the struggles of dating in the modern world when you’re awkward, and the lengths one will go to get a second (or third, or fourth) chance, called TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE.  When Ben figures out the secret to time travel in his mother’s (played […]