Short Films

Bridget and Iain

Written by Norelle Scott, who also wrote the play this short film is adapted from, BRIDGET AND IAIN is a heartbreakingly relatable film about the struggle of a mother trying to keep her relationship alive with her son in the face of his ongoing drug addiction.  Bridget (played with wrenching emotion by Vivienne Powell), is a soft-hearted […]
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Mother’s Day

Nico Raineau‘s new short film MOTHER’S DAY (available to watch in its entirety above), is co-written by and stars Lauren Schacher as Mara, a club-stamped, chain smoking young lady who wakes up in a stranger’s bed after a one-night stand to find that she agreed to watch the man’s six year old son Brandon for […]
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Time Travel Romance

Veteran actor Ben Giroux stars as Ben in a short comedy about the struggles of dating in the modern world when you’re awkward, and the lengths one will go to get a second (or third, or fourth) chance, called TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE.  When Ben figures out the secret to time travel in his mother’s (played […]


BEYOND is a fun short film directed by Jeremy Haccoun about a family trip gone awry when a rockslide traps a family of three inside their car out in the desert.  It’s a simple enough set up for this roughly 10 minute ride.  Haccoun does a great job of taking a simple concept and executing it […]
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La Selva Tranquila

On the low jungle Amazon and closer to Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador than to Lima, Iquitos is at the heart of 140,000 square miles of rain-forest, roughly the size of California. Each wearing various hats for their first film, Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman and Cody Troyer spent four months in and around this Department […]
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In 2021, excessive health care regulations are responsible for 36% of all comatose related deaths between the ages of 13 - 35. Knowledgeable practitioners are turning to underground procedures to revive patients in an effort to bring this number down. Operation R35E-T, which sets to reboot the schematics of memory and thought, has been enacted three times across Europe, all with successful results. This is the fourth -- America's first...
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The Homefront Still


T, is a filmmaker in a small post-industrial town with big ideas about the future, the far-off future. He struggles to express his Utopian SciFi vision, but is thwarted, in part by his own ambitions. He finds an unlikely alliance with the neighborhood girls. At first the teens are antagonistic to this thoughtful auteur, but they develop a shared language and become his muses along with his own toy poodles. Tableau toggles back and forth between JT's daily awkwardness and his grand and at times pretentious cinematic vision. Tableau explores the space of creative thought and ideas of domestic vs wildness.
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She Gone Rogue

Engaging a world of dream-like magical realism, SHE GONE ROGUE references Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon, utilizing a space where singular selves multiply and expand, offering windows into parallel dimensions, with time and space collapsing into a whirlpool of divergent possibilities. When Drucker finally finds the white rabbit, the process of identity construction completes a full circle, offering more questions than answers.


Hoping to make amends with his girlfriend and turn his life around, Jake suddenly finds himself in a dangerous situation. Frank, an aging bail-bondsman, comes to Jake's rescue and invites him to relax on his boat as they await help. What ensues is a complicated mix of secrets and lies that threaten to destroy the life of one man and the soul of another. Buoyancy is a thriller, riding the treacherous and unforgiving seas of the ocean of revenge. I hope you know how to swim.
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