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Shocker “Jesus, that chair really kicks ass.”

1989’s Shocker is a teenage boy pleaser, with its heavy metal soundtrack and bad ass baddie, Horace Pinker. A lot of Wes Craven trademarks in this film, and parallels to A Nightmare on Elm Street, with Peter Berg picking up the lead role as Jonathan Parker, a young man whose dreams might just be the […]

Deadly Friend “BB!”

Kristy Swanston stars in Wes Craven’s 1986 film Deadly Friend as Samantha, a teen killed by her father and brought back to life with a microchip in her brain by the kid genius next door – this film is a little all over the place, but if you’ve ever dreamed of Kristy Swanson doing robotic […]

Halloween Special Episode – Movie Night with Marion and Julia – New Nightmare

  Happy Halloween everyone! Today we are releasing a special episode. We love horror movies and want to watch them with all our fans. This is the next best thing. We recorded commentary to Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. You can play this episode while watching the movie and it will be like we are right […]

The Hills Have Eyes “Stay on the main road.”

  In the 1970’s, Wes Craven was brutal and this film is no exception. An unflinching look at the lengths a family will go to survive, this film is bleak and primal, only mere cinematic steps away from Last House on the Left. Plus, cannibals! (7)

Last House on the Left “Same old stuff. Murder and Mayhem”

  We start our series of Wes Craven films with the master’s very first film, and his most savage, 1972′ Last House on the Left, a super sleazy sexploitation rape revenge remake of Ingmar Bergman’s 1960 film, The Virgin Spring. Horror at its most extreme. (7)

Christine “God, I hate Rock and Roll”

John Carpenter and Stephen King team up in 1983’s Christine, all about a car with a very jealous, murderous nature. Fun chills and thrills and the adorable Keith Gordon as a cherry on top! (0)

The Bride “Nuts and Cake”

If you have ever fantasized about Sting as Dr. Frankenstein and Jennifer Beals as the Bride, then this movie is for you! And it’s like two movies in one because we ALSO get Clancy Brown as Viktor “The Monster” Frankenstein and Time Bandit’s David Rappaport on a side mission to join the circus! It doesn’t […]

He Knows You’re Alone “Want a Goober?”

Tom Hanks makes his illustrious film debut in this little-seen Halloween knockoff. Ostensibly about a killer who goes after brides, this flick has some enjoyable characters, a few scares and an adorable mortician – what more do you need? (0)

The Blob “Ribbed”

Chuck Russell’s super fun remake of The Blob has lots of superb gory effects and rockin’ characters too! Shawnee Smith, Kevin Dillon and – Julia’s favorite- Donovan Leitch star. A rad romp! (0)