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FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 1

Today we will be talking about responsible film festival programming, we’ll take a look back at some classic FilmSnobbery moments, and we will take some Skype calls from ex-co-host and filmmaker Jerry Cavallaro as well as director/actor Tom Konkle. (48)

FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 5

Tonight on our show we’re speaking at length (over 2 hours!) with filmmaker Philip Brubaker about his career as a video essayist both independently and for the now-defunct Fandor.  We delve into the topics of film preservation, curation, and the drawbacks and benefits of physical vs digital media.  We chat about the de-valuation of film, […]

FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 4

On tonight’s program, we will be talking with the founder of the Art Is Alive Film Festival, writer, and director Cindy Mich as well as actor Michael Gentile. We’ve also got our weekly box office releases, industry news, and film rant shenanigans. *Apologies for my overdriven audio on the first half of the show.  We […]

FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 2

  Tonight we’ve got Director/Producer Mark Stolaroff coming on the show to chat about his new movie Driver X and his No Budget Film School course for new filmmakers. We’ll also be taking your calls, listening to some clips from past FilmSnobbery interviews, and figuring out what’s happened this week in our industry.  We also […]

FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show – Episode 3

This week on a jam-packed episode of the FilmSnobbery Weekly Radio Show, host Nic LaRue chats with writer, director, and actress Jenna Laurenzo about her feature film directorial debut, LEZ BOMB, starring herself, Caitlin Mehner, Cloris Leachman, Steve Guttenberg, Kevin Pollak, and Bruce Dern. We talk about working with legends like Cloris and Kevin, and […]