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Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay


This 17 minute short by director Nick Pistorino packs in more laughs per minute than most feature length films. CATCHING ON: THE DAY THE WORLD TURNED GAY takes place in a world where gays have just been legally allowed to marry. Once this happens one man’s life is thrown into pandemonium as all the people around him are infected with “the gay”. The story of this film is inventive and original while paying homage to several classic horror movies. Fans of films like Jaws, Shaun of the Dead, and of course any of George A. Romero’s films will definitely get a little more than a chuckle out of this flick.

The casting was wonderfully done and the lead role of Brian (played by Will Neely) had just the right amount of snark and wit, while still seeming a bit vulnerable. The rest of the cast was also hilarious as they played every gay and lesbian stereotype that has been seen on TV and in the movies (and in most people’s heads). It was over the top, and rightfully so to show the ridiculousness of how some people who are against gay and lesbian equality really are.

The cinematography pulls from many styles as well. There is a very well done JAWS pull-back moment that was pulled off expertly. The only thing that I can really that needed a little trimming was some of the dialogue scenes where Ralph was on the phone with his girlfriend Lisa (Autumn Gillette). I don’t know what it is about indie movies, but those scenes are always the poorest done. Not to say that it was bad. It got the point across, but the transitions between the two callers were somewhat awkward and could have had a few frames cut here and there, also a little more conversation coming from the phones on the cut wouldn’t have been a bad idea either. This moves the scene forward and keeps the pacing consistent.

Overall a great short. It’s been traveling around the festival circuit for a little while now, and if you have a chance to catch it in your area I highly recommend taking less than 20 minutes to check it out!

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FILM SYNOPSIS - "Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay" begins the day that gay marriage is nationally legalized and young Brian McCabe wakes up to a nation divided. Suddenly society's deepest fears come true when the threat of a homosexual outbreak becomes reality. Now Brian must protect himself and everyone he loves from the zombie-like gays and lesbians taking over the world. He'll have to overcome his adolescent awkwardness, save the girl of his dreams, and try to straighten things out before it's too late.

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