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Bridget and Iain 7.8

Bridget and Iain 7.8

Written by Norelle Scott, who also wrote the play this short film is adapted from, BRIDGET AND IAIN is a heartbreakingly relatable film about the struggle of a mother trying to keep her relationship alive with her son in the face of his ongoing drug addiction.  Bridget (played with wrenching emotion by Vivienne Powell), is a soft-hearted mother who has acted as an enabler for her manipulative son Iain (Damian Sommerlad).  Iain knows his mother’s soft spot for him and uses her kindness as a tool to get what he wants whether it be using his mother’s home as a rest stop in between drug binges and rehab stints, or as a scapegoat for his behavior.  Iain is a child in a man’s body, who guilts his mother for not taking care of him, providing for him, or otherwise giving him whatever he wants on command.  Despite her attempts to try to get her son help, ultimately she realizes that she needs to stop giving him what he wants, and allow Iain to decide for himself whether a relationship with his mother is worth getting clean for, or whether he’d rather continue down the same path he’s currently on without her.

With lingering shots designed to amp up the emotional punch of each scene, and a somber score provided by composer Catherine Grealish, this slice-of-life will hit home with any family affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse.  Director Leah Patterson gets great performances from her cast, and along with her cinematographer Senda Bonnet, shows a great talent for shot composition and giving each character their moment to shine.

BRIDGET AND IAIN clocks in at just over 18 minutes but leaves an impression long after the credits have rolled.  There are a couple of spots where it could have been a little tighter, and the subplot regarding Bridget holding onto a sum of money for Iain isn’t really ever resolved, but overall the film works on every level.  Patterson and Scott will continue to have success if they continue churning out films like this.


Bridget and Iain Review


FILM SYNPOSIS - A mother struggles to accept the man her adult son has become.

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