Body Of Work


BODY OF WORK directed by Alex Bram is a short horror piece that is very reminiscent of episodes of the early 1990’s TV show “Tales From The Crypt”. From the opening titles to the parting shot, almost every part of this film feels like it was shot specifically for that late night TV audience. This film combines just the right elements of sensuality, fear, and suspense.

BODY OF WORK is the story of demented artist Jack Vogler and his bloody obsession with painting women and then killing them, draining their blood into his paint cans for future use. Or is it more a story about a pregnant woman 10 years later being besieged by the ghosts of the women Vogler killed 10 years later after she and her husband move into his old house? Actually this little under 25 minute short is both, with a little twist at the end.

The acting is a little on the dry side from every character that isn’t a ghost in this movie, but the cinematography really saves this flick overall, providing just the right amount of blood, and and equal amount of nostalgia (the ghosts of the murdered women, as they creep around outside and inside the house feel like they’re borrowed from several different horror movies from WHAT LIES BENEATH to THE GRUDGE). That’s isn’t to say that these apparent homages take away from the film in any way, in fact they feel more like little inside jokes rather than an outright copy.

Alex Bram’s short would play just as well on TV (with little editing), as it would in any film festival lineup. I look forward to seeing what comes out of Panic Attack Films next.




FILM SYNOPSIS - A husband and wife, who have moved into their dream house only to find that it has a dark history.

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