BEYOND is a fun short film directed by Jeremy Haccoun about a family trip gone awry when a rockslide traps a family of three inside their car out in the desert.  It’s a simple enough set up for this roughly 10 minute ride.  Haccoun does a great job of taking a simple concept and executing it without wasting a lot of time with unneeded elements.

The acting is solid overall.  Young Leo (Aidan Flynn) is a charming little man who takes to his scenes like a pro and has great chemistry with his “parents” Claire (Jolene Kay) and Michael (Michael Dane).  With the danger mounting every minute, Leo takes it upon himself to try to save his parents from the wrecked vehicle.  His only hope of freeing them lies with an earth mover at a nearby construction site.  Scaling a tall chain-link fence and running to the enormous vehicle, Leo slowly makes his way to the crushed car.  Leo doesn’t let his age and size deter him from trying to save his parents.  The director is really good with the pacing of the film and allows the tension to mount naturally.  Inside the vehicle, Haccoun gives each parent a moment that they can really chew on.  Both Jolene and Michael have some physical work in the film, and at least one dramatic scene apiece.

BEYOND is shot professionally, and even the behind the scenes featurette (if you’re lucky enough to see it), is like something out of a Hollywood DVD extra.  The sound, effects, and art direction are all on point and there is very little negative to say about the film overall.  It’s apparent that the director has done this before and really uses his skills behind the camera to get the best performances out of his cast and the best work out of his crew.  BEYOND is really a great calling card for future film work and a joy to watch, especially if you have little kids with big ambitions.




When a rock fall traps his parents inside a burning car, a 7 year-old boy must find the hero within him in order to save their lives.

Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 8.1

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