Awkward Endeavors

Directed by Derek Frey and written by David Amadio, Gil Damon, and Steve Kuzmick, AWKWARD ENDEAVORS is a tidy short comedy film about a man professing his love for his piano teacher. Unfortunately for him, she happens to be married, and even more unfortunate, he’s home.

The gentleman caller doesn’t stick around for long, as the piano teacher makes it quite clear that she wants nothing to do with him, and escorts him out of the house.

The humor in this piece is subtle. Good for a few chuckles rather than belly laughs and guffaws. The neighbor character who constantly talks about movie trivia is someone very relatable to the lives of anyone who works in the film industry (chances are, they ARE that person).

The cinematography is fairly standard for a lower budget short, but it would have been nice to have the audio cleaned up a little more. It seemed a little un-mixed in places and overdriven in others.

The acting was on the mark. The brief scene with the child actor, giving the blank stare to the gentleman caller was really well-played. Kathleen Kozak is pitch perfect in her role as the piano teacher (and pulls double-duty as the composer and performer for the end piece “Our Song”).

A solid outing by Frey. It’s a short film that doesn’t overstay its welcome and doesn’t leave you disappointed.

Awkward Endeavors
Awkward Endeavors | November 19, 2021 (United States) Summary: Reminiscent of Alexander Payne's About Schmidt and Patrice Leconte's The Man on the Train, Awkward Endeavors charts the intersecting lives of three lonely men as they struggle to close the g... Read all
Countries: United States

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