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Trish Nguyen is a New York based writer, currently spending time in Virginia. She studied Journalism as an undergraduate at Virginia Commonwealth University, before moving to New York City, where she worked on Wall Street by day and dreamed of freelance writing at night. Eventually, leaving the corporate world, she continued her dream of being a writer, as a beauty editor as well as a contributing writer to various online magazines and websites. Currently, she is pursuing a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and hopes to continue to write about new and emerging talent in the world of media, film, music and art.

Don’t Change The Subject

A darkly comic look at what happens when one man dares ask the question 'why won't anyone talk about suicide?' Director Mike Stutz investigates his mom's suicide by opening up a conversation with his family that they never had when he was a kid. Then he recruits a band of writers, artists, dancers, comics, punk clowns and suicide survivors to put their own unique stamp on the conversation. Teenagers dance to autopsy reports. A jumper gives tips on how to come out of a coma. A comic discovers that suicide can actually be funny. Also dozens of amazingly honest and incredible people open up about their lives in ways that you'd never expect. Oh and there's animation, a suicide band, and parties for dead people.


T, is a filmmaker in a small post-industrial town with big ideas about the future, the far-off future. He struggles to express his Utopian SciFi vision, but is thwarted, in part by his own ambitions. He finds an unlikely alliance with the neighborhood girls. At first the teens are antagonistic to this thoughtful auteur, but they develop a shared language and become his muses along with his own toy poodles. Tableau toggles back and forth between JT's daily awkwardness and his grand and at times pretentious cinematic vision. Tableau explores the space of creative thought and ideas of domestic vs wildness.