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Stephanie Stebbins is a native of Virginia Beach, VA but is currently living in the land of poofy bangs and bitchin’ Camaros that is Fort Worth, Texas. She is married to a United States Navy service member and has two children she affectionately refers to as Thing One and Thing Two. Currently she is a blogger: http://stephinfectionisinyourhead.blogspot.com but plans on world domination as all bloggers secretly do. She thoroughly enjoys tomatoes, but is not a fan of liver.

Down In Front – Winter Drive In

Opened in 1969, Winter Drive In has always been known for showing first run features, most notably horror movies. Over its long life the Winter has screened The Gates of Hell, House By the Cemetery, Horror Planet, Nightmares In a Damaged Brain, Pieces, Mortuary, Mother’s Day, Burial Ground, Humanoids from the Deep, Galaxy of Terror, […]

Down In Front – The Family Drive In

The Family Drive In Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia began its life on June 14, 1956 with a double feature of A Man Called Peter followed by Woman’s World. At the time, there were drive in theaters popping up all over the country but today, it is the only drive in left standing in the […]

Down In Front – Two Year Anniversary!

Two years ago, I was offered a job to write my own column and was out of my mind excited about it. I still feel that way today. After a massive overhaul here at FilmSnobbery.com, I can finally post and say, Thank you. Thank you for all of the articles you have read. Thank you […]

Down In Front – Al Ringling Theatre

The Al Ringling theatre was in fact owned by Al of the Ringling Brothers Circus. He picked the Rapp and Rapp architectural firm of Chicago to design the theatre in the French Renaissance style. It was meant to be the one of the largest and finest theaters in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It opened its grand opera […]

Down In Front – 20th Century Theatre

A quick announcement: Down In Front will now be a monthly column instead of a weekly column. All of you ladies who told me that I would be just as busy with my children as teens as I was 10 years ago may now pat yourselves on the back for being absolutely 100% correct! Built […]

Down In Front – 1891 Fredonia Opera House

This week’s column is brought to you by the letters ‘K’ and ‘G.’ K for Holy sweet glazed deliciousness! They are building a Krispy Kreme donut shop right down the street from my house! G for my new best friend, Gym as I have a feeling I will be paling around with him about 6 […]

Down In Front – Dallas Motor Vu Drive In

When you hear of a city named Dallas, the images that immediately come to mind are cows, horses, dusty roads, and flat land as far as the eye can see. Those of you who have been farther west than Las Vegas, have probably heard of the city of Dallas, Oregon, home to the Dallas Motor […]

Down In Front – 13 – 24 Drive In

At the intersection of state road 13 and state road 24 in Wabash, Indiana, you will find the 13 -24 Drive In. Already a historic city by becoming the first electrically lit city in the world in 1880, Wabash is an interesting place. Wabash is the home of Crystal Gayle and is also the home […]

Down In Front – Blue Sky Drive In

Dale Morrison set about building and opening the Blue Sky Drive In theater located in Wadsworth, Ohio in 1947. He ran the theater with the original wooden screen for about five years until it was sold to Selected Theatres and later in 1980 to Gary Greive, who also happens to own and operate the Magic […]

Down In Front – Malden Drive In

In 1947, Mr. Kaup from Malden Pennsylvania built and opened the Cuppies Drive In. Business was smooth and steady and in 1976, the Shashura family bought the drive in theater from Mr. Kaup and changed the name to the Malden Drive In. September 1989 ownership changed again to Wesley Rager Jr.and his sister, Wendy (Rager)Haywood. […]

Down In Front – Sunset Drive In

In southwest Missouri, you will find the area’s favorite drive in theater, the Sunset Drive In located in Aurora. April 1951 marked the beginning of the theater’s history after being built and operated by Ralph Hough Sr. and family. In 1966, Jesse, Cecil and Clyde Ruble bought the Sunset Drive In. Current owner, David Marks, […]

Down In Front – Milford Twin Drive In

The Milford Twin Drive In began its life in 1958 when several area people and laborers built the theater hoping to cash in on the drive in “craze” of the 50s. It was opened with a single 84 foot wooden frame screen, a concession, projection room, and restroom mixture building, a playground and the box […]