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Super Spree

Billy, a supermarket errand boy, combats butchers, cashiers, and his lazy boss, in an undying effort to complete his workload. His positive attitude towards the job takes turn for the worse when his enemies refuse to let him finish his hardest assignment to date, create three canned-fruit pyramids.


Fresh out of prison, three men with very different lives and desires sit to eat a few short stacks together and subsequently find themselves increasingly more responsible for each other.


In 1988, 12 year old boy genius Henry Jameson sends his best friend, George, into the future to discover the resolution of a cliffhanger episode of the hit detective show 'Columbo.' But he loses him somewhere in time. 20 years later, Henry has become a degenerate alcoholic when 12 yr old George appears on his doorstep. Henry is forced to overcome the loser he has become to find a way to send George back to the 80s. Hilarity ensues!

On The Bridge

This piece attempts to address issues of prostitution and the treatment of prostitutes, focusing particularly upon a twenty year old girl called Gina who is fed up of being degraded and humiliated, which leads to her considering suicide.

The Pond

A young woman who has tragically lost the love of her life stumbles upon a powerful phenomenon while grieving at a place very special to them, a small pond.