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Jessica King grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and eventually moved to the city via China; country mouse Julie Keck entered Chicago via Jessica. Their first films were inspired by inside jokes and made primarily to tickle the fancies of their closest friends. In subsequent films they explored the exquisite embarrassment associated with living. King and Keck’s most recent efforts, Anxiety Acres and Libidoland, showcase characters venturing out of their comfort zones and flailing in the quicksand of their own imaginations. In addition to producing ultra-low budget films, Jessica and Julie write short and feature length screenplays in a variety of genres. Their primary goal: to tell stories that are at once familiar, uncomfortable, demented, and exhilarating. They’re currently working on a movie dramatic thriller called TILT with Minnesota director Phil Holbrook. Julie and Jessica chronicle their work at kingisafink.com and are active on Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Peep Show – Interview with Jiz Lee, Part Two

JIZ LEE is hot to trot, easy as a Sunday morning, and finger lickin’ good…if you believe everything you see in Jiz’s porn. Is Jiz is a prolific porn star who happens to identify as genderqueer, or a genderqueer sweetheart who just happens to do porn? That’s for Jiz to know and you to find […]

Peep Show – Interview with Jiz Lee, Part One

With Jiz Lee, porn isn’t simple. Neither is sexuality. Award winning GenderQueer Pornstar Jiz Lee is beautiful, handsome, difficult to define, and impossible to avoid talking about. Jiz’s specialty: ejaculation. Jiz’s secret power: extreme geekery. (Not the ‘circus side show’ kind of geekery, you naughty puppies – ‘techie’ geekery.) Balls + brains? No wonder Jiz […]

Peep Show – Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part Two

In Part #1 of our interview with Courtney Trouble she talked about being a queer porn icon, the importance of interacting with fans, showing chemistry between performers, and doing it DIY. Ready for more? KFINK: How long does it take for you to make a movie, from concept to screen? And how do you pick […]

Peep Show – Interview with Courtney Trouble, Part One

Courtney Trouble is an award winning, website juggling, film festival judging, erotic story publishing, album cover gracing, prolific blogging, burlesque dancing, alt queer porn trail blazing pornographer. And an extremely considerate interviewee to boot: this porn cyclone took less than 24 hours to answer the questions we sent to her on the eve of her […]

Peep Show – Interview with Tristan Taormino, Part Two

We like Tristan Taormino’s style: brains + bawdiness + bad ass marketing techniques.  As a successful pornographer / author / educator, Tristan has done all the things that we indie filmmakers are being told to do: she’s found a niche (several, actually); she interacts with her audience; she uses social media to connect with her […]

Peep Show – Interview with Tristan Taormino, Part One

You probably already know about Tristan Taormino. If not, hold onto your hat. This brainy writer and feminist pornographer has taken anal sex (and the sexy librarian look) to the next level. And the next. And the next. Tristan’s written several books, including The Ultimate guide to Anal Sex for Women, and served as an […]

Peep Show – Interview with Buck Angel, Part Two

We first learned about adult film star and transsexual advocate Buck Angel while exploring the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas during the opening gala for Cinekink: Vegas 2010.  The more we learned about him and his positive message, the more we liked him.  His efforts to promote self-acceptance and gender fluidity make us hopeful […]

Peep Show – Interview with Buck Angel, Part One

Buck Angel is a porn star, a director/producer, a visionary, and a pioneer.  He’s also a trans guy, the first female-to-male transsexual performer to carve out a career for himself in the porn biz.  His fearlessness and hard work were rewarded when he received the first ever AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year Award in […]

Peep Show – Interview with Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel is a total nerd.  Her words, not ours. She loves to read, write, and, you know, make porn.  No big whoop.  She pens and stars in her own movies, including the very popular “Joanna’s Angels”, “Joanna’s Angels 2”, and “Porny Monster”.  She’s won AVN awards, has her own blow up doll (jealous), and […]

Peep Show – Interview with Erika Lust, Part Two

Let’s get introductions out of the way, shall we? Everybody, this is Erika Lust. Erika, this is everybody. If you don’t already know Erika, it’s time to catch up. She’s an award winning adult film maker, an engaging author, and a strong believer that porn doesn’t have to be all pizza boys and money shots […]

Peep Show – Interview with Erika Lust, Part One

When we went to Cinekink Vegas in February, we got to hang out with people who know way more about porn than us (including fest director Lisa Vandever), so we took a poll of the pornographers we should keep an eye out for.  One name that popped up was Madison Young. Another…Erika Lust. Erika’s movie […]

Peep Show – Interview with Cinekink’s Lisa Vandever, Part Two

The smart and sassy Lisa Vandever took some time out of her busy schedule setting up the Cinekink 2010 touring show and getting ready for Cinekink 2011 to answer a few of our questions about what indie filmmakers can learn from indie pornographers. Here’s part one of her interview: Ready for part 2? King is […]