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Born prematurely with a camera in hand, Jerry Cavallaro was already ahead of his time. Legend has it that he even filmed his own birth. At a young age, he already realized the magic that was filmmaking and knew that it is what he wanted to do in life. At age 9, he started regularly reading books on filmmaking. A year later he received his first video camera for a Christmas present but it was a cheap toy that never worked. By age 12 he was already a film buff and was using his dad’s hi-8 camera to make cheap little movies that no one ever watched. At age 15 he bought his very own camera and began making slightly better quality cheap little movies that still no one watched. These movies started to get bigger and ranged in genres from comedy to horror to documentary. People finally started to take notice. One of his proudest moments came when he met and interviewed his idol, Kevin Smith, who has been a huge influence on his filmmaking style. He also interviewed one of his favorite comedy actors, Chris Elliott, and has actually remained in touch with him. Now, at age 21, Jerry has a mini-film studio that operates out of his bedroom, has read over 100 books on filmmaking and is currently studying film at college. He recently finished his first feature film, Stuck Like Chuck, which he wrote, directed, edited, and produced. He also did pretty much every other crew position, as well as had a small acting role in the film. At this point, Jerry is probably better known for his movie watching skills after coming in 3rd place in the Netflix Movie Watching World Championship this October. He watched movies for over 68 hours straight and was labeled New York City’s Best Couch Spud in local news. Jerry has an undeniable passion for filmmaking and a strong determination that ensures he will be making movies for a long time. He also has a quick sense of humor and a unique personality. He still hasn’t matured though.

The Cabin In The Woods

Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.

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