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Adam Karpin was born in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from Temple University’s Film and Media Arts program with a focus on screenwriting. His first feature-length script, a period western entitled The Rebel Hills, is currently being shopped to producers. Adam was the resident film critic for the now-defunct Philly Guys Internet Radio Show. In early 2012, he co-founded the website, American Foreground, for which he provides pop-culture commentary. He is also an avid reader and hockey enthusiast.

What Is Normal?

"What Is normal?" is a 56:Min. movie profiling five Madison, WI individuals. They were placed into State Institutions as young children. After surviving years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, they are now living independently in the community, sharing their talents and love.

Fast Zombies With Guns

Collateral damage....sometimes it's unavoidable. Paul Varlo's attempt to kill the man who is going to rat him out by poisoning his water supply leads to an outbreak of zombie carnage. To make matters worse, these zombies are different, they're faster, meaner and they're armed. With the town being over run by fast zombies with guns, one group of people are attempting to make their escape to Chicago to survive. Meanwhile, Jake and his girlfriend Laura are on their way to Spring Grove to bring Varlo a priceless heirloom and collect their 2 million dollars. They make it to Spring Grove and discover an empty town, its streets paved in blood. Will the group survive the terror that has befallen them? Will Jake and Laura get their 2 million? Will the zombies run out of bullets?

Norman Mailer: The American

The life and times of Norman Mailer as told through the people that knew him personally.


A lonely South Asian American college student, who desperately attempts to escape his fate, unwittingly descends into a world of crime and violence.

The Summer Home

To survive, a homeless couple in crisis break into an empty summer home. By playing house, they find the meaning of family again - but how long can their false reality last?

Almost Kings

Wanting a closer connection with his older brother, freshman Ted Wheeler seeks initiation into a group called "The Kings". But, as the corruption of The Kings is revealed, Ted must expose the ugly truth about the brother he once idolized.