Adult Children of the American Revolution

There are a lot of ways to find and expand your family. You can marry into a family, you can be adopted into a family, and lately it has become trendy to try to seek out distant relatives via DNA tests and ancestry sites. But how would you feel if the family you found while searching via these apps and DNA test services was a family descended from when your ancestors were slaves?

This is the general idea behind the “based on a true story” short film ADULT CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION directed, written, and produced by Juliette Fairley. The main character is a black man named Smarty Blue (played by Matrell Smith) who is trying to fill in his family tree and find out more about where he comes from. When he finally begins to get some answers, they aren’t what he expected, and is instead confronted by an overly enthusiastic white woman that bursts into hysterics when she is confronted with the facts that her family had enslaved his.

The main plot of this movie is really good, and I would have liked to have seen this go for longer than six-ish minutes to delve deeper into whatever relationship might form between these two characters. The only real complaint was that I found the audio (particularly the score) to be a little loud and possibly overdriven a bit. This might just be how YouTube interpreted the file, but I had to turn it WAY down. The cinematography is clean and the acting by all the main players is good. Smith has some great comedic reactions. His outburst of “enslaver” was unexpected and added a comedic undertone to the serious nature of the situation.

Adult Children of the American Revolution
Adult Children of the American Revolution Summary: A comedy about a genealogist helping a young man discover deceased enslaved ancestors while completing his family tree on a popular ancestry mobile app.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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