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FilmSnobbery Presents – Sundays At Camp David

***SCREENING CANCELLED – STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE EVENTS!*** Sundays At Camp David and FilmSnobbery are proud to present a master of independent horror, Rolfe Kanefski and a special screening of his horror/comedy THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE. Join acclaimed film historian David Del Valle and FilmSnobbery Live! host Nic LaRue as they present this camp […]

Troma Celebrates Upcoming 40th Anniversary by Giving Fans Free Movies on Troma YouTube Channel

June 12, 2012, New York, NY – Greetings from Tromaville! Troma Entertainment is proud to announce a selection of full movies are now available for free on our new YouTube channel. Troma is sharing many highly rated and critically acclaimed movies with their fans for free, to show gratitude for their support over the last […]

FATHERS DAY Blu-Ray Now Becomes Four-ther’s Day with Four Discs!

May 30, 2012, New York, NY – Greetings from Tromaville! Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce that the limited edition blu-ray release of Father’s Day in time for Father’s Day will now be a four-disc set! The set, which will contain the film on high definition blu-ray and standard definition DVD, plus a DVD of […]

13th Annual TromaDance Film Festival Program of Shorts Announced!

March 30, 2012, New York, NY – Greetings From Tromaville! We are pleased to announce the first tranche of films officially selected for the 13th Annual TromaDance Film Festival, the only truly independent film festival that is completely FREE! This year the festival received a record number of entries from independent filmmakers all over the […]

An Open Letter From Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment

The following is an open letter from Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Creator of The Toxic Avenger, regarding the issue of Net Neutrality. August 30, 2010 Dear Fans of the First Amendment: The Internet, the last free open and diverse democratic medium, is under attack. Net Neutrality, which provides that no content is […]

URGENT: Breaking News on Net Neutrality from Lloyd Kaufman

August 5, 2010 Dear Colleagues: As many of you may know, there is disastrous news on the front page of The New York Times today. Verizon and other mega-conglomerates have conspired to kill the last democratic medium: the Internet. It is imperative that we all take action immediately to fight for the only true agent […]

37 Ways Independent Film is Succeeding Today

On May 11th, 2010 film producer Ted Hope posted on this blog 38 More Ways The Film Industry Is Failing. This should be considered, amongst other things, to be a direct response to that article. I will not deny that there are many obstacles facing the indie community. But film history has shown time and […]

Acclaimed Scottish Thriller DARK NATURE on DVD May 4 from Troma

TROMA ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES DVD AND BLU-RAY RELEASE OF DARK NATURE Award-Winning Scottish Thriller Arrives Stateside on DVD May 4 and on Blu-ray May 25 “TENSE, TWISTED, SHOCKING, AND VERY BLOODY.” BBC Movie Cafe “Has ‘CULT FOLLOWING’ written all over it!” Daily Record May 3, 2010 (New York, NY) – The thriller that shocked the UK […]

11th Annual Tromadnce Film Festival Announces Official Film Selections

April 2, 2010 (New York, NY) – The TromaDance Film Festival (www.tromadance.com) Committee is honored to announce today the official film selections for the 11th Anniversary TromaDance Film Festival. The 11th edition of the totally free and truly independent film festival will unspool in Asbury Park, New Jersey from April 16-17 with films selected from […]

Poultrygeist Coming to BluRay!

TROMA ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES BLU-RAY RELEASE OF POULTRYGEIST Classic Independent Film Company Goes High Def With Its First Blu-Ray on Feb. 23 “Plays like a grindhouse analogue to the psychosexual provocations of the artist Paul McCarthy and is every bit as liberating; It is just about as perfect as a film predicated on the joys of […]

Troma’s War – Tromasterpiece Collection

A MILESTONE MOVIE In the grand tradition of “THE DIRTY DOZEN” The Hollywood Reporter December 18, 2009 (New York, NY) – While the eyes of the world follow the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, audiences can watch the film that tackled the issues of those wars years in advance. Troma Entertainment today announced the 1/26 […]

Interview With Lloyd Kaufman

We speak to the master of independent film and head of Troma Lloyd Kaufman on location at Troma Studios in Long Island City, New York (it’s in Queens folks!). Lloyd sat down with us for a one-on-one interview for an hour and gave us his take on the state of indie film today, and much […]