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Raleigh Studios

Details Venue Website: http://raleighstudios.com Raleigh Studios is proud to be the longest operating independent studio in the United States, with 100 Years of experience providing the finest production services. We are a full-service facility that expertly covers every phase of production. Located in the center of Hollywood, our 11-acre studio campus includes 13 sound stages […]

So WTF is Going on with FilmSnobbery?

I relaunched FilmSnobbery in the last quarter of 2016 with the expectation of a big comeback in the indie film world filled with new reviews, podcasts, lives shows, and more. Then something great happened. I was offered a permanent full-time position at the movie studio I was working part-time for in Los Angeles. I finally […]

FGFF Hollywood 2013 Forcing Fate Interview

Nic LaRue hits the red carpet with the folks behind FORCING FATE. Producer’s Tanya Ihnen and Steve Lekowicz are joined by star and executive producer Joe Nicchi and writer/director Robb Padgett for the opening night of the 2013 FirstGlance Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood (0)