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Your Projectionist and You

You finally finished your film and now it’s time for your premiere. Congratulations! You’ve gone ahead and booked a swanky private screening room for all your cast, crew, friends, and family to enjoy the movie in the best environment possible. The stage is set for a perfect screening, and the only possible thing that could […]

The 7 Types of People You Meet At Film Festivals

Film festival audiences are among some of the most ardent fans of film and fun people to interact with.  When you’re at a film festival you are immersed in cinema.  Even a poorly run film fest will attract supporters of the arts.  Most of the people you run into at a film festival can be […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 57 With Guest Paul Busetti

FilmSnobbery Live! returns for Season 2 with director Paul Busetti. We chat about his new film currently in production DYSPHONIA, and also give a shout out to our latest IndieGoGo Project of the Week. (6)

Orlando Film Festival 2010 Interview With Dan Springen

Orlando Film Festival Director Dan Springen talks to FilmSnobbery Live! host Nic LaRue, and directly to you, the filmmaker, about the mission of the Orlando Film Festival, why they offer films for free, and how filmmakers can get involved. (3)