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FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 110 With Guest Jonathan Schiefer

Writer/Director Jonathan Schiefer talks about his adventures in crowdfunding his feature film ALGORITHM (formally THE ROOT KIT), the lessons he’s learned along the way, and how no one has made a great and believable hacker movie since SNEAKERS (not counting THE MATRIX or SWORDFISH). Be sure to check out his project on IndieGoGo now at: […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 28 With Guest Brian Newman

This last episode we had independent film consultant Brian Newman on the show. For those of you not familiar with Brian’s work, he is a consultant focusing on business development projects in the entertainment and cultural industries as well as helping filmmakers, artists and organizations to distribute content and connect with audiences through innovative uses […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 112 With Guest Ira Ham

The Chairman of WyrdCon Ira Ham stops by to talk about all forms of storytelling including transmedia, film, augmented and alternate reality, and what goes into creating the fourth year of their convention. (2)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 75 With Guest Ali Scher

Our month of FirstGlance Film Festival Official Selection interviews continues with writer/director of THE MAIDEN AND THE PRINCESS Ali Scher. Also POW! goes our IndieGoGo Project of the Week, Chris Gore’s FetishVIL. (1)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 87 With Guest Dr. Hassan Zee

Dr. Hassan Zee calls in to chat about his new film BICYCLE BRIDE, his cinematic journey from his home in Pakistan to making films in San Francisco, and why he left medicine to become a storyteller. Actress and host Leah Cevoli also phones in to chat about her Jedi Camp crowdfunding campaign, her charity work, […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 102 With Guest JS Mayank

EMIT director JS Mayank sits on the FilmSnobbery Live! couch with host Nic LaRue to discuss his new film, being a working director, film festivals, and more in this extra-educational episode. We also tease our interview with documentarian David Rich and take questions from the audience to win fabulous prizes*. *Note – prizes may or […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 103 With Guests Lauren Mora and Marion Kerr

Actress and Producer Lauren Mora is joined by Director, Writer, and Actress Marion Kerr to talk about their latest production, the web series MISDIRECTED. We also chat about acting and surviving in Hollywood, Marion’s writing process, and crowdfunding. Be sure to watch this extra special episode where you get 2 guests for the price of […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 105 With Guests Jonathan Pezza and Paulina Cerrilla

Writer/Director Jonathan Pezza is joined by Actress/Singer Paulina Cerrilla to talk about their new film currently on Kickstarter, STRING THEORY. We talk mixtapes, perks, and relating to your audience. We also have FilmSnobbery Live!’s first ever live musical performance! This is a must-see episode. Check Out More About STRING THEORY here: http://stringtheorythemovie.net Follow Paulina and […]

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 106 With Guest Sam Koji Hale

Filmmaker and puppeteer Sam Koji Hale talks about previous films like YAMASONG and his upcoming film that he recently successfully funded on Kickstarter, MONSTER OF THE SKY. He also talks about how he got involved with Heather Henson’s Ibex Puppetry and how he feels people continue to connect with puppets as an entertainment medium. (1)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 107 With Mary Elizabeth Boylan

Actress, Producer, and Writer Mary Elizabeth Boylan has a casual conversation with Nic LaRue about injecting a little of her personal life into her scripts, the differences between attending film fests as either an actor or producer, and her new short film GETTING LEMONS. (1)

FilmSnobbery Live! Episode 24 With Guest Marion Kerr

Tonight’s show was a little crazy. We start out with an interview with actress/directress Marion Kerr, and talk about her new movie “Golden Earrings”, and also a new SABI Pictures film she stars in called HEART OF NOW. Next we talk about a certain film producer’s recent blog post outlining issues he feels are plaguing […]