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Down In Front – The Thunderbird Drive In And Swap Shop

A trend of adding other services on the same grounds and making a full “entertainment complex” seems to have developed somewhere in the 1960’s to the present at many drive in movie theaters. Such is the case with The Thunderbird Drive In and Swap Shop located in Lauderhill, Florida (just outside of Fort Lauderdale). Not […]

Down In Front – Al Ringling Theatre

The Al Ringling theatre was in fact owned by Al of the Ringling Brothers Circus. He picked the Rapp and Rapp architectural firm of Chicago to design the theatre in the French Renaissance style. It was meant to be the one of the largest and finest theaters in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It opened its grand opera […]

Down In Front – It’s The Atmosphere

I remember the very first movie I ever saw in a movie theater. I was 6 years old and the movie was E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. I have been in love with movies and movie theaters ever since. There is just something about movie theaters that makes seeing a movie that much more exciting. So, […]

Down In Front – Hollywood Forever

Have you ever thought that the theater you were viewing your movie in just didn’t have the right atmosphere? Did you ever stop and think, “Hey, this film is great but it would be super fine if I could watch it as it is projected onto the wall of a mausoleum amongst the graves of […]

Down In Front – The Lynn Auto Theatre

The Lynn Auto Theatre, located in Strasburg, Ohio, has been in continuous operation since 1937. Not only is it the oldest drive in theater in Ohio, it holds the honor of being the second oldest drive in theater in the world. Built at the junction of State Routes 21 and 250 just northwest of Strasburg […]

Down In Front – Hull’s Drive In

I have a confession to make. I did not even know that there are still drive in theaters in my beautiful home state of Virginia. Apparently, there are ten active drive in theaters there in all! To my credit, however, none of them are in the Hampton Roads area where I was born and lived […]

Down In Front – Two Year Anniversary!

Two years ago, I was offered a job to write my own column and was out of my mind excited about it. I still feel that way today. After a massive overhaul here at FilmSnobbery.com, I can finally post and say, Thank you. Thank you for all of the articles you have read. Thank you […]

Down In Front – The Midway Drive In And Diner

The first drive in theater to be opened in the state of Illinois is The Midway Drive In And Diner located in Sterling, Illinois in 1950. The Midway is home to the oldest drive in theater screen in Illinois, making it an official historical landmark. The Midway received a complete renovation in 2007 when it […]

Down In Front – Spud Drive In

In the Teton Valley of Idaho, located on the west slope of the majestic Teton Mountain Range, you might come across a giant two ton potato sitting on the back of a vintage 1946 Chevy truck. Don’t panic. This is just the ingenious theater marquee for the Spud Drive In of Driggs, Idaho. Ace Wood […]

Down In Front – Twin City Drive In

The Twin City Drive In located in Bristol, Tennessee has been operating since 1949 when it was built by Raymond Warden and Bo Diggs. It is set against the Beaver Creek Knobs on twenty nine acres of incredible mountain terrain. By 1956, the Twin City ownership was transferred over to Bo Diggs, who was the […]

Down In Front – 13 – 24 Drive In

At the intersection of state road 13 and state road 24 in Wabash, Indiana, you will find the 13 -24 Drive In. Already a historic city by becoming the first electrically lit city in the world in 1880, Wabash is an interesting place. Wabash is the home of Crystal Gayle and is also the home […]

Down In Front – 411 Drive In

In the midst of the drive in theater boom, Emory Johnson built the 411 Drive In theater in Centre (Cherokee County), Alabama. Glover Johnson, Emory’s father, owned and operated the very first walk in theater in Centre, Alabama: The Cherokee Theatre. Thus began Emory Johnson’s lifelong interest in the movie theater business. Glover and Emory […]