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So WTF is Going on with FilmSnobbery?

I relaunched FilmSnobbery in the last quarter of 2016 with the expectation of a big comeback in the indie film world filled with new reviews, podcasts, lives shows, and more. Then something great happened. I was offered a permanent full-time position at the movie studio I was working part-time for in Los Angeles. I finally […]

November 2016 Crowdfunding Audience Picks

It’s time for you, our audience, to choose our featured crowdfunding campaign for November 2016.  You can vote once per day, every day, until November 1st.  We have attempted to include campaigns in all stages of funding and remaining time, from several different crowdfunding sites.  We hope that our audience will discover new campaigns and […]

The 50 Most Important Religion Films Of All Time

FilmSnobbery.com is paying tribute to the union of the sacred and cinematic with its list of the 50 Most Important Religion Films of All Time. Covering the full spectrum of film history from the silent movies to digital filmmaking, with stops in Hollywood, Indiewood and the global cinema the 50 Most Important Religion Films of […]

In Response to Dan Schoenbrun’s Claim That We Need to “Kill Independent Film to Save It”

In an article on Filmmaker Magazine’s website published October 17th, 2016 entitled Independent Film is a Meaningless, Outmoded Term, and We Need to Stop Saying It, writer Dan Schoenbrun posits the questions “what does the term “independent film” mean to you?”  I’m no stranger to this question, having asked it in interviews myself, and been asked […]

50 Films That Changed the World

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the release of The Great Train Robbery, a landmark moment in film history. To celebrate this important event, we took an informal poll of critics, directors and distributors on which motion pictures could join The Great Train Robbery as having a significant impact on both filmmakers and audiences. […]

37 Ways Independent Film is Succeeding Today

On May 11th, 2010 film producer Ted Hope posted on this blog 38 More Ways The Film Industry Is Failing. This should be considered, amongst other things, to be a direct response to that article. I will not deny that there are many obstacles facing the indie community. But film history has shown time and […]

Your Projectionist and You

You finally finished your film and now it’s time for your premiere. Congratulations! You’ve gone ahead and booked a swanky private screening room for all your cast, crew, friends, and family to enjoy the movie in the best environment possible. The stage is set for a perfect screening, and the only possible thing that could […]

In The Running Part 2 – Short Films, Film Festivals, And The Oscars

In our previous article we covered the various requirements the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has in order for a feature film to be eligible for an Oscar run. We also delved a little into what it takes for movie theaters to qualify themselves for Academy accreditation. In this article we’re going to […]

Proper Press Kits Part 1 – Screeners

As a reviewer, I often get movies in the mail. They come in all sorts of packages. Some of them are small and contain just a disc with a handwritten title on it. Some of them are large bundles that include a stack of paperwork haphazardly put together and stapled in the corner in a […]

That’s It! Shut It Down!

Hey Everyone, It’s your friendly neighborhood Film Snob. So here’s the deal. I started FilmSnobbery back in 2008 as a blog, and turned it into a business in 2009. Since then I’ve earned a very meager living writing reviews, attending film festivals, managing writers, consulting on films and other projects, doing business development for FilmSnobbery […]

A Film A Day With MoviePass

Recently MoviePass reached out to me to offer a one month trial membership of their theatrical movie viewing service. It’s a really neat concept. You use their web app to reserve tickets to a movie at your local movie theater, show up, and use your MoviePass card to purchase your tickets. Repeat daily as needed, […]

The 7 Types of People You Meet At Film Festivals

Film festival audiences are among some of the most ardent fans of film and fun people to interact with.  When you’re at a film festival you are immersed in cinema.  Even a poorly run film fest will attract supporters of the arts.  Most of the people you run into at a film festival can be […]